roberto tarenzi 
sito ufficiale

“...Roberto is in my estimation one of the most talented pianists

I have encountered over the past years. He is disciplined, knowledgeable about the jazz legacy, has great ears and most of all, a burning desire to be a great musician…”

Dave Liebman

“…Roberto exhibits an amazing assuredness of swing and technique juxtaposing a contemporary linear approach with respect for the roots. His touch on the piano and great spirit, along with his angular compositional approach makes this a worthwhile and enjoyable listen…”

Phil Markowitz

"Roberto has all the qualities I look for in a musician: command of the instrument, a depth of musical knowledge and a willingness to interact  with his fellow musicians. At the heart of it all is a great feeling for what he is playing. His intuition is guided by knowledge which makes for the best possible result".

Joe LaBarbera